Message from the CEO

The Madisyn Marie Collection was founded by a young entrepreneur, Madisyn Marie from Shreveport, Louisiana. The concept began with one idea: to empower everyday women and men with the ability to feel confident while wearing quality, comfortable waist trainers and sweat bands to encourage their fitness journey. The brand was birth from a drive and passion for fitness for anyone who had a desire to be a better version of themselves.
Madisyn, a dancer since age 8, was taught that health and fitness were keys to dancing, athletics, and wellness success, as well as longevity of life. As Madisyn flourished as a teenager, she noticed fluctuation in her weight. Realizing this was not good for her future dancing career, with discipline, returning to good eating habits and exercise, Madisyn soon turned her fitness journey turn back to a positive direction. Of course once she got to college, the infamous “Freshmen 15” found its’ way into her life. Determined not to give up on herself, Madisyn realized the comfortability she’d been enjoying would have to end and discipline life she knew would have to come back to stay, and it did. Madisyn went back to a disciplined life of healthy eating habits and exercise, only this time she decided to elevate her fitness regime. Thus was born, The Madisyn Marie Collection.
The Madisyn Marie Collection is comprised of state of the art, tested and proven products created for all body types. Our sweat band is designed to target stomach and back fat by stimulating sweat glands. Our sweat enhancer is designed to target stubborn and slow responding areas and improve circulation and sweating. When worn 6-8 hours a day, our waist trainer is designed to contour the stomach and waistline into an hour glass silhouette.
We are excited to bring to you, The Madisyn Marie Collection where our mission is to inspire and empower women and men of every shape and size. When wearing products from The Madisyn Marie Collection, we want you to be able to express exactly who you are and be fully confident in yourself and comfortable wearing our brand. That’s why we hold ourselves to higher than average standards for our products and business practices. We look forward to your testimonials about your success with products from the Madisyn Marie Collection!